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Some Days You Are Bug On The Windshield

On May 4-5, Smoke This returned to Kannapolis, NC for the annual Jiggy With The Piggy event. This event is widely considered the best contest in North Carolina from an organizational and location standpoint. Located in downtown Kannapolis, an old mill town famous for Cannon Mills, the contest is held of the grounds of the North Carolina Research Campus. The current research campus is a part of the old Cannon Mills complex. This event is so well run and organized. Eddie Smith and his staff are top-notch and work to make this event cooker friendly and a can't miss contest. There are some weekends that things are just off and do not turn out like you want them too. This weekend, we felt the cook was decent. Certainly not where it needed to be but acceptable nonetheless. The judges felt differently, though, and the result was our worst overall cook since June 2015 in Tryon, NC. There isn't a lot more to say. Some days you are the windshield breezing through and somedays you are the big bug that splats against the glass. This weekend we were that bug.

The good news is that next week provides opportunity for a rebound at another favorite contest. Smoke This will leave Thursday morning enroute to Waynesboro, GA and the annual Boss Hog Cookoff.

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