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Smoking In The Foothills A Huge Success For Smoke This

Normally an event at which Smoke This is tasked with vending along with competing, the results of the competition are average at best. This past weekend that was not the case. After arriving and getting set up for vending on Thursday, the focus on Friday was to prepare food to begin selling at lunch on Friday. Pulled pork, brisket, pork ribs, pulled chicken, smoked chicken wings, baked beans, mac-n-cheese and cole slaw all had to be prepared. It was a total team effort as the team was fully intact for the first time all season. In addition, family members and friends joined to get everything ready for the lunchtime rush. As the afternoon rolled on, the guys began to focus on competition. The first competition of the weekend was on Friday night beginning at 6:00 with the peoples choice chicken wing contest. Teams choosing to participate were given 30 pounds of wings to cook any way they chose. Some teams decided to grill while others decided to fry them. There were some that took the time to smoke them. Patrons of the event were allowed to purchase tickets which gave them a sample of each wing. After tasting them, those same folks cast a ballot for their favorite wing. They did not know what team they were voting for. The award for the winning chicken wing would be announced on Saturday during the KCBS awards ceremony. Once the wings were cooked, focus returned entirely to vending as a huge crowd arrived to take in the festival. By the end of the night, the team had sold out of everything they had prepared. While some consider selling out to be a bad thing, for Smoke This selling out is the goal!

Cooking for the competition began early on Saturday morning. As in 3:00 am early. That's ok though, getting up early and going on little sleep is what most teams do. As dawn broke on a chilly, autumn morning the team began working to prepare food for the day's vend as well as keeping a close eye on their competition timeline. Of course, the timeline is merely a wall ornament when doing a vend. Its only a suggestion because the focus is on having all the food prepared for vending. Somehow, the steamtable was loaded and warming boxes were full by 10:30. All of that was done while the competition meats basted, spritzed, wrapped and cut, somewhat on time. As the day rolled on, it was apparent that a sell out was imminent.  It was also apparent that the competition food had turned out good.  It wasn't great but it was good and should be in the running come awards time.  By the time awards were set to begin at 5:00, the team had nearly sold out of everything! 

During the awards time, one of the first awards handed out was from the people's choice chicken wing contest on Friday evening.  For the third time this season in four contests, SMOKE THIS was the winner! Thank you to all who bought tickets to support the charity and voted for box 17!  As the regular KCBS events were awarded, Smoke This was called for 6th place ribs and 1st place brisket.  They were also called for 5th overall!  This meant that the chicken and pork just missed on top 10 calls.  Chicken finished 14th and Pork was 12th.  Not bad considered the cluster of events that was going on!    

The team's final event of the year will be on November 9-10 in Concord, NC and is a simultaneous duel contest.  Smoke This has never cooked a contest in which there are two contests happening at once.  It means that there will be two boxes turned in for each meat at the same time.  One box will go to event "A" and one for event "B".  During awards, there will be prizes for two contests.  It ought to be interesting!

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