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Brasstown Valley Wrap-up

This past week started the KCBS season for Smoke This. It also marked the teams first visit to Young Harris, GA and the Brasstown Valley Resort home of the annual Georgia BBQ Championship banquet. Forty-one great teams were gathered in the valley to cook this contest. It was a unique contest in that turn-in for the competition didn't follow normal timing. Instead of beginning at 12, the first turn-in window began at 3:00 pm. This required teams to adjust their entire schedules, which is not a difficult task for teams that compete with regularity. The team used this weekend as an opportunity to work on some new processes and recipes for pork and brisket in a competition environment. The results were mixed in the pork bombed and brisket did well but there were many lessons learned that will be carried on to the next event in four weeks. Chicken has been a great category for several contests now. This weekend it didn't score well and probably should have been cooked a little longer. Yardbird was a disappointing 28th overall. Ribs have undergone a facelift of sorts and the hard work is beginning to pay off. Again, the results weren't great with an 18th place finish but the gains were substantial. The process and recipe for pork was 100% new. The bottom-line is that the pork bombed with a 35th place finish. However, cooking it another 30 minutes and adding some more sauce would have, potentially, made a huge difference. The new process and recipe for brisket also paid off with a 10th place finish.

Following the contest awards was the 2016 Georgia BBQ Championship banquet. Smoke This "accidentally" competed in six qualifying events in 2016. We say accidentally because at the beginning of the season, the team didn't know that the GBC existed. It just so happens that several of the scheduled events were a part of the teams schedule. At the end of the year, Smoke This had finished 6th in both brisket and chicken as well as 6th overall. Pork and Ribs were both top 20 finishes. The photo above is of members holding their trophies from the banquet.

Smoke This will now be idle until March 3-4 when they return to action in Lawrenceville, GA at the 2nd Annual Sip & Swine BBQ Festival.

Smoke This would like to give a special thanks to the Atlanta BBQ Store.  Randy and his team also go above and beyond to make sure we have the rubs, injections and sauce we need to be prepared! Be sure to visit the website for all our bbq needs or give them a call at 706.536.2901.

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