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One Day, Two Contests, One Call, Two Lousy Results

What a bad weekend. The headline of this article sums up how the final weekend of our 2018 bbq season went. On one chilly Saturday, we competed in two contests at the same time that yielded a single 5th place call in ribs and two lousy overall finishes. The final contest of the season ended as much of the season has gone; with mixed results, inconsistencies and more disappointing results than we are used to.  Maybe this winter will allow time to regroup and move in a different direction in some areas.

Away from the competition circuit, this year has been rewarding.  Being able to be a part of Operation BBQ Relief has provided the opportunity to help so many folks in their times of need.  Smoke This has been able to work with OBR to serve our military and to network with people and corporations around the country.  We anticipate that 2019 will be bigger and better as OBR continues to grow.  Hopefully, there will be no natural disasters that we require a mass deployment and our efforts can focus on other types of service!

Now is the time that we are able to rest, relax and spend time with family.  Before long, we will be back at it and making plans for 2019!

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