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Piggin' In The Park Recap

On June 1, 2018, Smoke This traveled to Woodruff, SC for the first time for the town's annual.  This event is a music festival and bbq contest along with the Miss Woodruff pageant.  The festivities take place in beautiful McKinney Park and was a very well run event! While only 34 of the registered 38 teams made the event, the field was loaded with teams that are contenders week in and week out in the region. The contest kicked off Friday evening with chicken wings.  Wings have always been somewhat of a Smoke This specialty - especially when they are cooked just right with that golden brown, crispy skin.  On Friday, two teams were a little better than Smoke This as Pig on Fire won the wing event with Old Colony Smokehouse in second place. There was also a dessert competition which we chose not to participate in.  However, our good friends and fellow Tarheels, Midnight Burn, were the winners!  On Saturday, the traditional KCBS contest was held were each team prepared their best chicken, pork ribs, pork butt or shoulder and brisket.  For Smoke This, the cook was just okay overall.  The guys felt that the chicken and ribs were both good and the results showed.  Chicken finished 7th and ribs were 6th.  Unfortunately, when you start with an inferior piece of meat you often get lackluster results.  That exact scenario played out in Woodruff.  The normal brisket that Smoke This cooks was not available and the team was forced to cook a different brand and grade.  The result was the worst score in brisket since 2014. Overall, the strong chicken and rib finishes coupled with a middle of the pack pork butt was enough to yield a 14th place finish.  Fourteenth is not at all what Smoke This expects, especially in a small field, but it provides motivation to get better in the off weeks ahead.  Hopefully by the time Smoke This heads to Greenwood, SC in July, the team will have improved and be ready to get back to their winning ways.   

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